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John’s Children were the quintessential cult 60s Mod/Psych band, controversial,sharply dressed and subsequently the stuff of legend.The band were fronted by Andy Ellison (later with Jet and Radio Stars) and boasted Marc Bolan within their ranks during their short life.A STRANGE AFFAIR – for the first time – boasts the entire John’s Children outputbetween 1966 and 1970. The package includes: Two singles for EMI’s Columbia label: ‘The Love I Thought I’d Found’ and ‘Just What You Want – Just What You Get’.Four singles for The Who’s label Track Records: ‘Desdemona’, the legendarilywithdrawn ‘Midsummer Night’s Scene’, ‘Come And Play With Me In The Garden’ and ‘Go-Go Girl’.Their mock-live album Orgasm! which was belatedly issued on US label White Whale in 1970.Andy Ellison’s subsequent solo singles ‘It’s Been A Long Time’ (Track), ‘Fool From Upper Eden’ (CBS) and ‘You Can’t Do That’ (SNB).Three tracks by pre-John’s Children band The Silence.A raft of rare and previously unissued alternative versions and mixes.The 2-CD set has been compiled with help from Andy Ellison. Their managerSimon Napier-Bell contributed to the detailed sleeve-notes, which are basedaround excerpts from Ellison’s autobiography.

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