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Rome Snowboard Mod 153
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Mod All-Mountain Freestyle Stay Positive Camber Flex:  9 TEAM-DRIVEN PERFORMANCE FOR PRECISION AND POP.  SANDBECH APPROVED.   One thing is consistent in all of Stale’s edits—the Mod.  From the big contest-sized jumps, to the trannies he finds all over the mountain, to the top-to-bottom rail lines, the Mod is his weapon of choice.  It is the one high-tech, high-response design that lets him do what his creative snowboard mind imagines.  Super poppy with pure positive camber and advance response-enhancing technology, the Mod is built to stomp.   Tech   - AirPop Superlight Core Matrix - SuperlightBiax Carbon Laminate - SinterCarbon Base - TurboRods – Carbon Reverse Radial V - Kevlar Impact Plates   Camber Detail: Stay Positive Camber From contact point to contact point, pure positive camber—for riders who demand it. Shape:  True Twin

Anbieter: Locamo
Stand: 12.07.2020
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